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LIKER KAYAK | S2 | Double Surfski

LIKER KAYAK | S2 | Double Surfski

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S2 Double Surfski – with back hatch

580 cm (L) x 55 cm (W) x 37 cm (D)

22.5 kg weight (all parts included)

  • Stable yet fast 
  • ABS thermoforming 
  • High  rigidness and gloss finish 
  • Rudder pedals in the front seat
  • Carbonfibre footplate
  • back hatch with rubber cover 
  • DeBrito bailer system
  • Carbonfibre bottom rudder


Rudder Control (additional HK$599)

Change rudder control pedals from front to back seat

Sticker (additional HK$50 each)

Within 30*15 cm; client to provide AI file or wording

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